Little Known Way to Make Money From eBay Without Selling Anything!

Hi again guys this is Andy from wholesale – help calm and in today’s video I want to talk to you about an alternative way to make money from eBay now the obvious way is to create an eBay store and sell things either that you have lying around your house or that you have bought to sell on I do it myself and it makes me money it’s a great method however this is not the only way you can make money from eBay they have something called their partner Network which offers commissions for sending traffic to eBay and for new users registering for an eBay account here it is this is the website ebay Partner Network calm you can just pop over here apply for an account and after they have accepted your application you can get started straightaway now essentially what happens is you direct people to eBay in a variety of different ways or you can do it you can do it in one way if you like but there are a variety of ways of which you can do it what happens is once you send someone to ebay you have your ID embedded into their browser a viral cookie and so if they buy something from eBay you’ll get paid a commission now the great part is that they don’t actually have to buy something there and then if they come back later that day or that week even and buy something from eBay your cookie will still be embedded in their browser so even if they buy something alternative to that what you have sent them to in the first place you will still get that affiliate commission so all you really need to do is to drive as many people to eBay as you can and a percentage of those visitors will buy something sooner or later even if it’s not straight away I personally buy something on eBay most weeks so the chances are good that your cookie will still be there and even if you’re looking at something else you’ll still get a commission so how do we go about sending people to eBay well that’s basic traffic generation really so there are a variety of different ways we can do that if you have a blog that you post to regularly you linked to it from there there’s a great wordpress plugin that I have used to great effect called PHP Bay Pro there it is the link to this wordpress widget is below in the descriptions it’s a very useful plugin it’s a paid for plug-in but it is very advanced and you can use it for a number of different ways basically what it does is it feeds items from eBay directly onto your website so if you have a wordpress blog you can actually show eBay items directly on to your web sites so it adds content for your site and obviously there’s more chance someone will click on an individual item and then you’ll get paid a commission here’s an example down here it can be done in a variety of different formats this is just an example it got some medals or something here and it’s completely customizable if you’re in the US you can just filter it so it shows us items in US dollars here as you can see and wow that’s nearly 70 thousand dollars that’s a ridiculous amount of money if you had a website selling these things the commission from the eBay fees would be very nice indeed so that would be quite a valuable Commission to get hold of is someone drop 70 grand on that particular Olympic medal very impressive so that’s one way of doing you don’t have to do in this format I think I’ve got some examples here this is an iPhone blog it’s not a particularly developed one but it gives you an idea here as you see down here these are all live eBay items being sold on eBay right now you can use keywords to show different items you’ve got iPads here and on this page you have iPhone cases now you can use keywords to differentiate what you want to show up on your website you can even use eBay ID so you can get specific items to show up and as many items as you want more or less so it’s very customizable you can have it in list format like that you can even just have one single one in the sidebar so it’s very it’s very customizable depending on how you want it to look on your website here’s another example this is a website about HD TV tuners and on the right-hand side we have different items relating to HD tuners and if you click through to have a look at one of these things your cookie will be embedded and then if that particular person buy something in the next week or so you will get your affiliate Commission and as you can see you don’t have to have the eBay branding on your feeds so you don’t have to make it obvious that that what you’re showing is eBay items here so one you can just look like part of your website you can look very natural and so it fits in very nicely here’s another example of a different website cheap remotes calm okay it’s about cheap remotes fair enough this is laid out a bit differently you’ve got it in the in the box format and it comes down like that so it just looks likely different it gives you an example of how you can have different layouts using this plug-in now the PHP Bay Pro plug-in will cost you $79 it’s well worth the price you get lifetime updates and it does many many different things and obviously it enables you to make money so you can think of it as an investment as opposed to just a cost as I said the link for this plug-in is in the description box below so there you have just one way of creating traffic for your referrals obviously if you have a youtube channel you can create videos about products on eBay and link to it from your description box and send YouTube viewers directly to eBay that’s another way you could create traffic to send to eBay auctions of which you can then generate commissions from obviously if you sell on eBay anyway then you should be doing that as a good way to generate traffic if you’ve got a store for example selling we look to I phone cases there if you were selling iPhone cases it would be a great idea to have a product review of your latest case you can describe it have a look at it and even maybe give one away as a prize and then obviously you can link your shop in the descriptions and it’s a great way of generating extra traffic and extra visibility to your shop so there we go traffic generation a couple of ideas and a couple of techniques you don’t necessarily have to sell things on eBay to make money from eBay I hope this has been a helpful video for you to give you an example of an additional way to make money online there’ll be plenty more coming please like this video and subscribe if you would like to see more if you have any questions you can email me admin at wholesale – help and don’t forget silver membership is still free at wholesale – help calm thanks very much for watching and I’ll see you again soon

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