Can You Make as Much Money Selling on eBay as You Do on Amazon

Hey guys it’s Brian from BG media innovation and I got a great one for you today so um today is gonna be about eBay I’m gonna go in a little bit different direction if you know you know you’ve been subscribed to the channel for a while or you know anything about me from any my courses you know I’m heavy into Amazon selling you know I do FBA I do retail arbitrage I do a little some merchant fulfill but not too much but today I’m going to delve in a little bit more into eBay now I just relaunched on eBay I was doing eBay you know back when I first started Amazon about probably a decade ago honestly I did a little bitty Bay to obviously went more the Amazon route lucky for me but uh so I’m basically I reopen eBay I’m gonna start you know reselling on eBay for a multitude of reasons hey I want to start building my presence on eBay because if you know anything about it you know that the more sales you have you know the more your seller accounts are rated you know that’ll give you more social proof it’ll rank you higher slightly and you’ll be able to sell more items basically as what I’m saying so the faster and the sooner that I build that the more selling power my eBay account will have basically on top of that I also want to do this for retail arbitrage and I might be adding a bonus lecture to my retail arbitrage course so I’ll actually link my retail arbitrage course in the description if you want to check that out feel free to but basically one the way that I teach retail arbitrage and online arm Josh it’s a new-age method of arbitrage where you basically go in and you you take private label products that you get at discounts and you resell them on Amazon for the markup and just get rid of them really fast now every once in a while people run into the issue of you know what they can do if they potentially by mistake and we’ve all done this I’ve done this myself if they they purchase a product that on a coupon site and they realize that they can’t resell an on Amazon you know how do they get rid of it well there’s a multitude of different ways you can do that there’s a bunch of different places that you can resell items eBay probably being your best bet so what I basically wanted to do is I wanted to kind of come up with a new method for people that you know potentially hey if they’ve bought something that they couldn’t resell or be if they just bought they wanted to buy something because the margin was ridiculously good even though they knew they couldn’t sell it on resell it back on Amazon so if you want to know what I’m talking about like I said check the description the entire course will be there for a discount code out of just $10 for YouTube subscribers so now we’re gonna move on into to eBay and you notice I literally just started I have three three ratings I think three positive so far so I I think I’ve sold that’s probably go down here and check yes I sold seven I’ve listed you know what is that twenty five I guess and three of them went on so I actually pulled these down because I sold them on some on another place but so it’s not great by any means I mean I’ve been on here for probably two weeks maybe I’m not even sure but it’s I’m slowly building up when you first start on eBay you’ll notice that you know you you need to build your rank up basically so I just want to kind of give this overview of the fact that I will kind of be listing on eBay now slightly here and there and on top of that you know I wanted to bring a couple tips and tricks for you because obviously if you if you’re into the drop shipping you can also drop ship from amazon to ebay and even amazon and vice versa and you can also sell things it’s just another method for you to you know attack that ecommerce platform so i’m gonna be launching hardened to ebay kind of just has a side experiment i’m not you know making a living doing ebay whatsoever right now I make a lot of my money doing FBI on Amazon and drop shipping as well as the content creation currently guys but you know I I just kind of want to do a side experiment and see really what is possible because in my opinion there’s only a couple Amazon competitors and obviously Walmart in my experience being the top one and you know eBay is obviously another one too so I’ve kind of wanted to experiment see what’s actually possible for selling on eBay because you can you can hear I’m all about taking action and kind of seeing for yourself so you can you know you can listen to this person you can listen that person and everybody’s got a different story but I wanted to see what the selling potential on it was now in 2017 myself so I’m gonna you know like I said if you don’t know I’m out obviously showing you my earning potential on YouTube growing my youtube channel and I’ll have an update on that in about a week for you guys but I just want to kind of experiment I’ll walk you through the process of how my sales are going and and that way you can see really what is possible on eBay and decide for yourself if you want to hop on here with some things or not

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