Selling On eBay For Beginners-How To Sell On eBay Successfully-How To Become An eBay Powerseller

Hey there stacy serrano here from bristol pennsylvania so let’s get right into a you’re looking for a way to sell on ebay you’re new you maybe never sold online before and you’re thinking ebay could be a good Avenue for you to make some money and it definitely is so you’re wondering if you have to stock up on products and have your house flooded with boxes maybe if you have to make a million trips to the post office these are all things I had in my head when when someone mentioned ebay to me that’s automatically the picture that came to mind was running to the post office a million times a day not being able to walk through my house because there would be boxes and items everywhere that’s just what I pictured because I had a few friends that have been selling and that’s pretty much how it went for them and that’s not the case you can absolutely sell on ebay and avoid all of those things you can drop ship so basically how drop shipping works is everything would be done virtually I’m not going to get into exactly the details of how it works but I’ll tell you that you can take away having to go to the post office because you’re doing everything online you won’t have any inventory in your house because again everything is done virtually so items are bought virtually and they’re sold virtually so you never physically have to touch the product which is amazing so how do you start selling on ebay you basically need a step-by-step guide because the key to selling on ebay is not just selling on ebay because anyone can get on ebay throw some listings up and try to sell its most important to sell successfully on ebay and for this I believe you need to follow a training you can buy books on this you can try to google it but it’s good to find a program where everything is in one place I stumbled upon a program a year ago and it’s changed my life ever since watching all the trainings in this program I’ve been able to sell on ebay not only sell but become a powerseller within four months so needless to say it takes me years some people have been selling years and still are not power sellers so you want to make sure that when you do find a program you find a program that has produced results that many people have used and they’re seeing success with that and this is a program that I definitely I promote and I stand by because I’ve seen numerous people have success with this program if you want to take a look at the program click on the link at the bottom that’s and if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me directly i’ll put my number at the bottom and make sure to subscribe to my channel for more tips in the future take care bye bye

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