Largest eBay and Amazon groups in Australia

Hi, it’s Neil Waterhouse When I started in eBay back in 1999, there’s simply no groups in Australia where you rub shoulders with other full-time eBay and Amazon sellers. If you want to learn something you had no choice because back then, I continually fly back and forth to the US and the UK to attend any relevant seminar. And of course, this costs a ton amount of time and money. One of the great things of running an online business is you get to work from home or your favorite coffee shop. However, one of the downsides of working from home is you don’t get to network with other eBay and Amazon sellers. One thing I really enjoy doing is being out to sit down with othe people who also runs similar businesses and share ideas. But this was simply not available back in Australia The only way to do was to jump on the plane to attend any eBay , Amazon seminars. Back in 2013, I thought I put together a small group of half a dozen of online sellers in Sydney, where I was living at that time who had similar interests selling on eBay and Amazon.

To my surprise, in the first meeting were 12 people and that was back in August 2013. The group quickly grew to over a hundred people which also surprised me. Then after many requests, I have made similar groups in Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide. Incredibly, the groups now have a combined membership of 3,000 members. Since the beginning of the groups, I’ve done bulk of the presentations. However, I’ve also had terrific guest speakers including Amazon and others. One of my goals is I’d like to get to start getting more guest speakers, however one of the secrets to success of the groups has been the tight rules which I put in place from the very beginning. The groups are put in place to help new and experienced eBay and Amazon sellers build full time businesses. The goal since day 1 is to help more and more people to learn the skills to work from home. All presentations must help people to learn the skills to work from home using either eBay, Amazon or other independent websites or all 3.

One of my rules for any presenter is to be absolutely no pitching or selling of any product I’ve been to gazillion presentations over the years all over the planet where I made a big effort to get there and spend a lot of time and you get a small amount of content before a big pitch comes in to sell some sort of product or whatever Banned from the groups These groups are only designed and it’s about content All presentations they must be only content which will help people grow their businesses. The groups are open to both newbies and full-time sellers It’s always great to see the experienced members helping the newbies. This is really what it’s all about. If you live in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Adelaide hopefully you can make it for the next events I’ll put on the screen links to the events We charge 10 dollars for each event and that goes to cover the cost of hiring the room.

Hopefully, I get to meet you at one of the next events If you’re an experienced seller or have something that can help the members grow their businesses or presented to them without pitching some product please email I’ll put a link on the screen That’s all for this week! Please leave a comment for me below Until next week, List More Sell More, This is Neil Waterhouse.

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