How to Make Money on eBay Selling Bikes

Welcome and hello to the latest video and another bike For many viewers may recognize this bike Rally, a banana, yes we have already done this bike But this is not about the bike This is a little bit more about the experience that I would like to share with you I get asked a lot we can make any profit so I’m going to share with you and this is exactly what we are going to do today This same bike we bought them fifty pounds The last one that we have not got to sell and believe it or not it went all the way from the United Kingdom along the way all over the world to Australia Shipping costs cost more than the bike itself This is how a lot of people wanted this bike So I was for sure to get this bike and sell this bike The bike was very popular in the day a lot of people have one of these Maybe people chasing this dream again today So the banana Rally This is the bike 21 ‘ All the original, and this is what caught my attention Basically all the same stuff there you do not have to buy any more parts I’ve done it for local search, as well as Because what I did not want to do is to pay 30 £ Shipping bike I will give only 48 £ bike I wanted to keep it local, local Plucked and rotate home bike So I’ve been able to test it and everything works fine There is no play at the bottom of the arc at all, and operate in all gears and brake all the cables in good condition, no problem at all with them It only needs to cosmetics good cosmetic make more than the base So this is exactly what we are going to do You may notice that they got black tires in the rear here I’ve got the old tire gum wall So that we can tie in with the front Front tire has got the original Rally is still on the front We will have the gum wall frames here are not matching But it will not restrict the front and back in What then we are going to do is I’m going to raise this seat And pop it back slightly on the spot that is going to make the bike better look Look more racier, and I’m going to drop the stem bar here This is very high at the moment We are also going to change this indicator strip bar I’ve noticed that a lot of tape, which is it is insulating tape It has been recorded along the way up Even the stem bar so that cost one we were going to incur But not a lot of cost The original bottle cage, I’ve got a bottle already I can pop in there that I already have in the garage I have also got two pedals with toe clips that I have taken off the new bike that you have put some pedals on personal So I’ve got some pedals as well as that I am going to put on So this is in this regard In the same frame badges that marked so we’re just going to approach them with a minute brush We go to the bottom of the frame cut T- I’ve done video frames on cleaning up But we do not strip this bike down I am aware of the hours of the man who does not want to spend a long time on this Basically I need to get it back for sale And we see where we are from there So allow fast forward And get this bike cleaned and do jobs that we have to do Ok right There is also a great bike that will already Just to run through exactly what we did there We have raised the seat Just look much better straight way, and it also shows that On the seat post is free that can be transferred and not seized We moved a little back seat Which looks much better on the spot For more full of lively thing Drop the stem, and we have also re-registered handle bars Which revealed some pretty nice original Rally handle bars Who was not at the show So this is how the bike that was It seems it’s just a lot better I’ve also put some reflectors on the wheels, only because it was the original reflectors on the bike And it just connects all together As if the bike has just come from a store He has not touched So we put some pedals We have washed down the bike we used some T-pieces Self-frame only to bring off any signs Outside the window, and then used a method that we used before Just to touch up decals (stickers) Damaged so that it looks a lot better in this regard Tires again put Connecting the front and back together Oh almost forgot I got a black water bottle Bike that originally came with So yes it seems much better What we got to do now We are going to take the bike down to the local park It is generally what I always do Just to show the case of a bike What do you want to do is to take some pictures in some yard with lots of distractions and chaos and they just basically Even sell the bike, so lets get down to the park and I’m going to talk you through some pictures that I would like to take Well here we are in a local park I’m very lucky to have such a beautiful park on my door step I am also lucky to have the sun today Which it is crucial to take any pictures Any of the first basic rule is to be the subject of the sun behind you Not in front of you on the wise it is just black out the actual picture The other thing is also Just bear in mind any trees etc.

They can create a lot of shadows The shadows that can take your eyes completely off topic We can look very confusing picture of What I see a lot of times, and I’ve mentioned this before in another video When people are taking pictures of bikes They will have the bike on the other side so you can not see any of the equipment A very important part of the bike People do not like to see that You have a quiet few photos that you can take on eBay Completely free of charge So you might as well put them in there Image says a thousand words, and I really do not think it does not sell the actual self-bike As I said you do not want to take pictures from this side car side Things like the rear derailleur show turned out to be out in detail Brake, brake calipers As I told you do not get some cool pictures so it may appear as well as the buyer exactly what they got Ok all we have to do now is to get this bike back We are then going to get it boxed detailed and back up for sale on eBay So lets get to go ahead with this As well as you can see Boxed bike is everything And all ready to go The reason we square up cycling because I am about to announce this to deliver nation wide Opens the sale of the whole country It helps with fast sale I feel The box itself completely free of charge from the local shop for bicycles If you ask them well they are happy to do so I have also done a video on the bikes purely boxing up If it was not already done so before they can be quiet fiddlely What you do not want to do is that the bike delivered And it is damaged was the absolute cause you a headache you So there I am all ready to go The buyer pays for delivery even in any account you I feel it helps out a lot with the sale So let’s look at the ad itself The top line is very important Many of the key words in the presence of the first one is vintage Because vintage bike We also Rally Banana team a lot of people in the search for Rally Team We have bananas that are We also have at the top I got on the road bike And then the size, we have also developed the old school size in there if you’ve noticed The reason for this is for some of us older I associate immediately with vintage bike with the old sizing.

I ride 23 ” So yes all of the sizes I’ve put out there, which helps to get out immediately in the first line of the description And then put to buy it now, which is the price that I would like I generally bump this is a very slight increase And then it will be the earliest display So it gives the buyer a chance to make me an offer Cheeky As I said I bump it up a little so that I can get the price at which I am after Both parties are glad that they feel as if they have bargin Or knock-mail etc.

So yes we have to I’ve also done a brief description of connection for some new parts that we put on But I keep it to a point But I really feel as if the images actually sold this bike Which went gold within 24 hours you believe it But the images themselves say the word A, which really stood out when compared with its competitors, so yes the bike got sold within 24 hours We did not get the full price demand but we have more than doubled our money on this sale It took no time at all to the heart of the bike around And yes it was the success I feel So all that remains to do now is a courier is scheduled for today So we’re going to get this bike on the way I hope this has helped you in some ways a little bit to make money on eBay And give you some hints and tips Other than that, as I always say If you do not enjoy watching these videos and I always say then please subscribe Leave us like Share Video Do you really help Thanks a lot bye for now

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