How To Make Money On eBay And Realistically Be Able To Quit Your Job In Less Than A Year

Alone Stacy Serrano hear from Bristol Pennsylvania behind you make money on EB and that’s a question that a lot of people have because they’ve been selling for years and maybe they’ve seen their sales decline or maybe you just never really been good at it but you see the opportunity you see that there isn’t on people making money and you just want to be one of those people understandably so how do you make money any day firstly have to learn how to rank your items you have to learn how to get a page 1 you have to learn how to get views because if you’re putting up a million items and they’re not getting seen by anyone then what’s the point you not making sales so you getting just a reason pretty much you now can be in the bay business too long so you have to figure out how to get your items rains you have to figure out how to find possible items you to make sure the actually listing things that people want and if you take a look at my other video actually go over a good good technique on how to findings in season things that are currently selling cell definitely looked at my videos if you want to check that out by you wanna make sure that you doing everything correctly when you’re selling on eBay as far as like I said you titles so that you getting rained use on profitable items that when it does so you’re making a good amount of profit you also want me to the is tolerating is kept us apart because when it comes to e-bay their algorithms are based on your seller performance so if you’re not doing things correctly you’re not getting ranked that high in search results which therefore lead you to have alone on sales see one issue getting every single piece in the puzzle correct and fitting it all together is not you not busy great success so what do you need it to bring this all together you need the right program %um program that teaches you step by step for me dizzy how to be successful on me send you wanted look at the program that I’ve been using that it’s been making me a lot of money in my team a lot of money then click on the link at the bottom that’s WWW dot partner with Stacy Serrano dot com and I look forward to seeing on the inside take care i buy

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