What is DS Domination?

Align:start hey this is an GGA with will UFC BS calm and I want to get into real quick about CS domination guys the Asama nation has completely changed my business online I have never been able to make money online before I struggled for eight months in another company I spent close to seven thousand dollars i guess going all-in and i had struggled for eight months if you got that little innuendo it’s probably because you know the company will talk about and either you or someone you know has struggled in it and so I was really just attach the company I didn’t want to look for anything else but eight months later when I had only made fifty dollars I was like I gotta get out and do something different because there’s no plan B I’m not going back to a nine to five I have to make this work there’s just I’m never going to be because i had that company just made me see my dream and I couldn’t let go of that dream at that point there was just no way for me and I had seemed too many people go from rags to riches doing internet marketing where I was just like I’m going to make this happen this is gonna happen I’m not gonna fail I’m not just in may be failing at the moment but really I’m learning because it’s just going to set me up for even a stronger success because now I have this crazy story of everything that’s happened to me in the past year so I’ve been hearing about this DS domination already just almost from launch and I regret not getting in at launch I didn’t hear about the launch or pre-launch but I heard about it not long after it launched so I finally back in November even I was like I need to do something I need to find a way to make money online and I finally had started making consistent money online i’ll get into exactly how that happened maybe in another video or maybe swine up blood running down this video it’s not really that special but I finally started making consistent money online every day for a week I had made like a sale almost every single day I think my first week I mean like five or six sales and that was just crazy to me because I was just like I I can’t believe that this is even possible right okay guy was just freaking out and I wasn’t direct selling to anybody or recruiting anybody or anything like that all of his doing was what the training told me to do on how to drop ship on eBay so what I decided to do was test it out like maybe people might actually buy the Assam ination from me if I share my results so that’s what I did like wow I just joined this brand new company and you know like I finally been able to make money online consistently that’s never happened to me before this is a crazy and I’ve been doing this for a while and I just haven’t had success until now you know let me know if you want to like learn more about what I’m doing and I posted like a proof picture and I just took a picture on my phone like a screenshot of like my email with like like two or three wiki babe listings in there of you know sales I mean ebay with ebay sales and that night I hadn’t even signed up as an affiliate that night I had like six people hit me up six people I had to sign up as an affiliate that night because one of them was ready to sign up me and her talked about it back and forth for a little bit I didn’t really like give her a sales video because I didn’t have like a referral link or anything but I just told her about what I was doing and she was like well can I just do it on my own I’m like well yeah I even tried that but I’ll tell you honestly from my own experience it was really hard to do it by myself and I spent a lot of time if I my computer trying to stop educate myself and there was a lot of conflicting information which is really true and you’ll see if you try to research dropshipping on your own there’s a lot of conflicting information and you get very very overwhelmed and infused so I just decided to invest 20 box until learning about this and it made it so easy the training was really easy all the modules really short and sweet and to the point they weren’t really long info products they were just short sweet to the point within two hours I felt fully trained and confident to be able to go and list on ebay and make a bunch of sales which I to do and mind you if you know when you when you sign up pay close attention to module 6 you might want to need you might want to go back and you know wash up maybe like two or three times that’s what I did because that was to me the key that’s where he gets into the most important aspects on selling on ebay like how to actually get your products sold so pay when you sign up just go ahead and pay close attention the module six trust me module six is really really important because you know a few people come back to me and they’re like you know I’ve gone through all the modules but it’s been like three days and I haven’t made a sale you know you made your sale like in your first 24 hours what am i doing wrong and so I always go back and I’m like you know I test them on what I learned in module six and they don’t they don’t remember it so always like go back watch module six like three times and take notes you’re going over to drill module six in your head anyway I got off that so yeah when you sign up the check out module six like three times trust me three is the magic number one two three okay so I just started posting my results and people were like I’m ready to sign up it was just insane within like three weeks I signed up with six people six people I signed up it was crazy I’ve never signed anybody up for anything like that before ever it was so amazing I just like this is this miss me I just signed up right now just whoever you are watching this there’s no reason why you shouldn’t sign up right now doesn’t matter if you’re struggling it’s in the matter if you’ve never made a dime online it does matter if you are having success if you’re having success online your team’s having success great get in and all of you guys can make money together you don’t even dropship but maybe you’re you know maybe you’re you’re having success and put your team struggling get in with this sign them up and and and get them to feel that confidence too but really the person I’m talking to you right now is a person who was like me you’re struggling or you’ve made a couple bucks but you’re still struggling or your brand new you don’t really know what you’re doing as an internet marketer you may not even be signed up with anything but you have to drive you have this desire you want to work online you know people are making money doing it you just don’t really feel like you can do it you don’t have the confidence so you’re just like batting around all these different companies not knowing what to get in I’m telling you get into this get into the Assam nation right now click that link right now you will make money you will make it quick and you will feel confidence to talk to people about what you’re doing and trust me if you’re making consistent money online they will listen it’s called attraction marketing it’s very very easy to do you don’t have to chase people down you don’t have to do anything like that and most of my sales I make just by sending people to the sales video and then get back to me they’re like does this really work and I just send them a free picture or two and they’re just like all right where’s the wings let me sign up it’s guys it’s so easy this is it’s never been easier for me and now not only am i doing well with the s nomination and getting consistent monthly residuals from it but now you don’t even know I am able like I’m a multiple companies now I’m recruiting in multiple companies I making sales in multiple companies people are looking up to me people are coming up to me they’re like what are you doing what company are you in would it what is going on and it’s literally only been within the past like a few months I’m not even gonna lie yes I’ve been asked this for a long time but I haven’t made any money for a lot of this is the first time I’ve been making money and you could I’m sure you can see it in my babes this is not babe this is genuine just like joy and excitement about what I’m doing I’m helping people I’m creating relationships people are trusting me and I’m not faking it anymore I don’t have to fake it till I make it I am making it and people are seeing that and it’s real it’s genuine it’s legitimate get in now about still new while it’s still hot and sizzling well it’s still something that is just going to help you have some serious success online just you need that little bit of confidence a little bit of proof that’s all you need if you don’t need it may be your team needs it but mostly I’m talking to the person who really needs it so just click the link below sign up and then after you sign up click the other link to my facebook page and add me as a friend and just let me know that you just signed up ok and that’ll make my life a lot easier because I do get notified when you sign up but I don’t I don’t necessarily always go in the decal see who it was find your email send you an email it’s just a pain just you know if you want to connect with me after you sign up just you know hit me up on Facebook and let me know like hey i just signed up on your team with the s domination you know i’m excited about this blah blah introduce yourself talk to me i’m very personable love chatting and i love connecting with my team because that’s what i’m really in this for so just get in that’s all I’m gonna say just get in and then connect with me on Facebook I mean we’ll talk um and you know just I’m really excited I’m excited to have you in my team and you know hit me up and we’ll we’ll talk I’m just excited about this because I had this in my first video about the asama nation cuz I’ve been promoting other things but this was my gateway into success and I know it can be that same exact thing for you alright so click the link and i will see you on the other side take care

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