The Death of Drop Shipping | The Main Problem Most Drop Shippers Face

What’s going on guys it’s Brian from BG media innovation and today I’m going to talk to you about the death of dropshipping the main problem that most dropshippers face when they first get started and a new age drop shipping method that will really increase your sales give you more traffic and less competition and we’re starting or right now here we go all right guys so we’re just jumping right in and this is some really innovative stuff that I’m gonna show you here something that I kind of stumbled across and something that nobody else is doing right now so if you want to jump on it hop on it and basically take advantage while there’s no competition in this space or relatively low competition in this space this is your opportunity to do so so real fast we’ll get the plugs out of the way I know everybody hates that but it is necessary I obviously have the new course and I’m basically about to show you in a nutshell now this course goes in-depth and basically shows you how to implement the strategy that I’m going to show you and you know different it gives you different business opportunities on where you can actually do this now this course basically goes into something that you’ll see as very familiar from when my retail arbitrage courses and that’s jumps in that we’re gonna use we’re gonna basically piggy off piggy and while piggy off piggyback off the drop shipping or started that’s the drop shipping the traffic that jump son already sees and we’re gonna drop ship our products from there now I’m gonna show you this method basically in a nutshell in a second but clearly this link will be the first link in the this for this course will be the first link in the description um if you’re looking for free courses on drop shipping drop shipping like the title says I’m gonna talk to you about you know the death of drop shipping whether or not it’s still viable business model in a second and whether or not you can still make money with it and the number one problem that 99.9% of shoppers face because I have four core current courses on job shipping I talked to a bunch of different people that do it all across the world in a bunch of different niches and I’ve seen it all guys have seen it all so I know the problems I know the successes I know what what it takes to be successful with drop shipping with any of these drop shipping models and I know what not to do and that’s most important so if you avoid ninety percent of what not to do you’ll have a really really good chance of seeing success so I like I said I have two courses on this this is the one that I will be linked in the description I have another eBay dropshipping course I’ll link that in the description if you want that too both these are relatively new business models and obviously my two that you can get for free on my website which is the Shopify dropship mastery which is basically what 99.9% of people do when they dropship still a viable business model get this out of the sweat out of the way now you can still make money with Shopify you can still make money drop shipping like most people do I still do myself I still have to shop drops websites that I’ve made money off of one of them Shopify one of them is with actually kind of like a wordpress site I use Wix in this in that dropshipping example but I have another course on that basically – and that’s Amazon dropship mastery you can get both of these courses for free on my website as always that link is in the description it’s further down it’s it’s like the third or fourth section in the description so check that out if you’re looking for free courses to kind of get into it so the number one method let’s go back to the drop to the Shopify really fast because this is what the majority people do when they dropship and I don’t know why I dropped by in there I might not pop up for the first shop but let me just pull this up really fast so I can kind of talk to you and show you what I mean so most people when they start drop shipping they learned Shopify that’s what all the Guru’s teach right and and I’m not here to bash Shopify because it works and it’s a great business model because if you don’t know what drop shipping is basically all you’re doing is facilitating a sale okay so Shopify is a great platform to do that 99.9% of people that dropship are gonna be on Shopify on that platform and they’ll be drop shipping without plug-in called over low now I talk about that in depth in this course how you can set up your own Shopify you know store and you know start drop shipping products from basically China or you know 99.9% of them are for China and basically facilitate the sale and make an a mark up earning on that product so basically if somebody bought your product from you know Norway or or the US or Canada and you mark your product you know at $you’d make the markup on that because it might only take you know you it’ll might only cost you like two or three bucks to get that manufactured now all you’re doing is you’re buying it strictly from the manufacturer directly and you’re facilitating that sale to the person that purchased it nine times out of ten the manufacturers unaware that the person is actually you know making the purchase via Canada or us or you know Norway or for examples and percent of the time the the customer is obviously not aware that they’re buying a dropship product that’s at markup so that’s how you make your money in a nutshell with drop shipping now drop shipping can be you know it doesn’t you got expand your mind guys if you want to make money online you got to expand your mind look for new business opportunity take things that you know about certain business models and look for an opportunity to implement them in a space that nobody is in and I’m going to show you that right here right now so this is a new-age method of basically I almost said arbitrage because I’m so used to doing arbitrage for yes this is a new-age method with drop shipping I’m about to show you that not many people are doing now there’s a couple people that are doing it I’ve noticed on different sites and you can be one of the first people now I’m teaching people right now to do this they’re implementing these strategies and it’s working very very well but you want to jump in now ahead of the competition so you can establish establish yourself and make the money right now on these sites okay so I’m gonna look for a specific example really fast and I’m gonna show you what I mean but before we get into this the number one problem in answer right now because I see people all across the world that jobs yet the number one problem isn’t what you’d think it would be to get sales drop shipping is very very easy it’s not hard so when you see all these gurus online showing you their sales oh how I made you know a thousand dollars a day drop shipping how I made ten thousand dollars this month drop shipping nine times out of ten what they’re showing you is their sales sales are not hard to make guys you can I can pump out you know thousand dollars in facebook ads and generate traffic to my store and make sales it’s not hard now what is difficult is being profitable so whether or not you’re getting organic traffic which is obviously free you know for the search engines you know or you know you’re kind of dropping links and Facebook groups there’s a bunch of different things to do it and ways that I talked about in a lot of my courses on how you can generate organic traffic you know instagrams another great way but the majority people if you’re if you want to scale up are going to teach you Facebook ads or Google Ads Google AdWords sorry or Bing ads or something like that so it’s not difficult to make sales anybody can pay for an ad that can generate traffic to their store and make a sale but what is hard is remaining profitable after you’re paying for those ads because you have to remain profitable with your ads your cost of your product and obviously you know anything else that you’re doing so that’s the key to it the key there so the the issue that most people face them is not getting enough traffic or being profitable okay so that’s the issue that the majority of job seekers face well this solves that problem because what you’re doing with jumps end and the course goes in-depth with this guy not just jumps and it gives you other you know opportunity sites that you want that you can do this on the issue with jump send is not the traffic there’s already a bunch of people on here looking for two for products that are you know cheaper or discounted that you can basically make money off of now you can capitalize off the traffic that jump son already gets I’m not sure how much traffic they already get but I know that people come here every single day you know tens of thousands of people come to this site every single day and this is just one site that you can take advantage of and then you can basically piggyback off this traffic and you know make sales via this website now this this this method I’m going to teach you basically teaches you to list products on Amazon and then use this site you know to to generate your traffic and make your sales so you’re not paying for any Facebook Ads you’re not paying for any Google AdWords you’re not paying for any big ads you’re not doing you know any organic SEO whatsoever there’s already people on this site looking for products that you can take advantage of now that’s the key that’s crucial so what I did here is I basically you know put the the discount price all the way up to like eighty seven percent and we’re gonna go down and look for some people that are doing this I’m one of them look there’s a couple people in my class that are already doing this they’re some you can be like the 10th the 11th and really capitalize on this traffic so we’re gonna look for some of these this is basically a coupon site where people go to get coupon codes for Amazon products you’ll see that the majority of them are fulfilled by Amazon none of these people are drop shipping and they recently just updated their site so it’s a little bit different let’s find one this is one probably right here bad example but it’s it’s definitely one what’s funny better one these are all ones fulfilled by merchants I’m gonna show you a good example something that you can make money off of scroll a little bit down see if there’s this is a good one probably so this right here at first glance its buy from Mary mark seller new arrival super I don’t even know what this is it’s bad listing job the retail price is $you get it for 323 no like this is a phone I’m not even sure what this is but basically how they make their money is the person comes here expecting that they’re going to get a discount right they see that it retails at thirty six ninety-nine well they think that they get it at a discount of three twenty three so what they do is they request the item obviously can’t request anymore deals right now but if I were to request the item I would take that coupon code and I would go here to the buying options now what I would do is I would come in here and there’s somebody else on this product already don’t ignore them they’re actually doing my retail arbitrage course and they bought a wrong product that’s funny so my but next best products if you’re watching this you shouldn’t bought this product anyway more moreover I hope you understand where I’m going with this so basically someone comes in and they expect to get this oh they see oh I can buy this phone or whatever this is um for thirty six ninety nine but I can get it at a discount of three twenty three okay so they’re they’re gonna put this coupon code that they request it in at the cart now how the person that job shipping makes their money is what they don’t realize is they’re paying the shipping cost of $so they’re not getting this via Amazon Fulfillment for free so really the mark-up is about eight plus three twenty three which is what eleven dollars so if they could get this product from a manufacturer in China that you know for like three bucks and they’re selling it for eleven via the shipping cost and the coupon of the product they’re still making a markup of about eight dollars right so that’s how they make their money and they’re capitalizing off all the traffic that’s already looking for coupons on this on this site the person that’s buying is no wiser because they think they’re getting a good discount and they just have to pay the shipping where in reality they’re really buying a dropship product from China or you know from wherever and you know the person that’s drop shipping this on this website which is not me that actually this person I’m not this person I don’t know who this is is actually making a markup of you know seven eight nine depending on what the cost of the product you know profit in that markup so that’s basically drop shipping from coupon sites in a nutshell I have an entire course on this you can see here that this looks like it’s a great deal twelve cents but really there’s seventy nine $markup so this will probably there’s probably disclaimer when the person goes to purchase this on Amazon you know it looks like it’s 1499 so they think they’re getting a great great deal but in reality it’s gonna take two weeks to get to them three weeks to get to them which is you know fine in a sense because there’s probably disclaimer somewhere see not eligible for Amazon Prime is just a slight one but basically you know what what they’re doing is they’re marking this up so this person thinks that they’re gonna get this for twelve cents it’s a complete steal because it’s usually $or it’s even listed at 1699 here but in reality this person probably makes this for like they probably get this manufacturer for like a buck and they’re up selling it for about eight twelve so they’re making seven dollars on this does that make sense guys so you got to think outside the box you’ve got to think of you know new ways to kind of implement the strategies and this is something I came across I didn’t invent this I saw other people doing it there aren’t many and I decided that you know what I’m really gonna figure out what these people are doing reverse engineer what they’re doing and that’s exactly what I did I tested this this out for myself it’s all that it was that it worked that it was viable and then I put it into a course that taught people how to do it so that they could learn to dropship and get more traffic and less competition and there’s no paying for ads whatsoever which is clearly hands down the number one problem with drop shipping in the modern era so no drop shipping is not dead you can still drop ship from Shopify it still works the only issue is you’re gonna see more competition and because everybody’s drop shipping from Shopify everybody’s drop shipping from abbyr low on Shopify and everybody’s drop shipping the same products in the same niches on Shopify and Ober low so you’re gonna see higher competition if you dropship normally and the cost of your your ads when you start running those ads are gonna be so much higher because everybody else is running similar ads with similar keywords to that same product I promise you so it’s still a viable business model if you find a passionate niche and it’s still a viable business model if you you know you know what you’re doing somewhat and my course is going to depth on teaching you that but this is definitely definitely a better you know method to do it because they’re capitalizing off the traffic traffic that’s already here you’re not paying for it and you basically are making free money by just listing something on Amazon and then putting it on these coupon sites guys so that’s basically the new-age dropshipping in a nutshell if you’re interested in learning it in-depth obviously check the description y’all plug in anymore I really hope that you guys like this video I think that this is a really innovative way to kind of make money in 2017 you know and 2018 I think it’ll be viable for a little bit not many people are taking advantage of this as you can see there are a couple here but not many the majority of them are fulfilled by Amazon so take advantage of this learn the information and capitalize on this because I don’t know you know when this will start being really really competitive I don’t know you know how long this business model will be viable for but it definitely is now and it definitely will be for a couple months I promise you that so I’m gonna end this here I hope you guys liked the video if you liked the video please like it it obviously helps the channel grow helps the video get engagement comment down below let me know if you think that this is a good idea if you’d like to hear more videos on this new-age traffic trap shipping method and so on and so forth I’d love to hear feedback from from the people that are engaged with this channel because like I always say this isn’t just my channel this is our channel and I put these videos up because I want to show people an aspiring entrepreneurs that making money online isn’t necessarily hard if you know what you’re doing so I’m gonna end the video here guys comment subscribe and I will see you tomorrow

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