How To Drop Ship eCommerce | Two Methods | High Ticket & Low Ticket

AJ Jomah over here on the co-founder of seven-figure skills, so I know you’re wondering What seven-figure Skills is? I don’t blame you. There’s a lot of questions. You probably have now Before I elaborate on why I helped co-starter 7figure skills, I wanted to give you inside of two different ways or methods of dropship and In 2017. I’ve been drop shipping for about four and a half years now as a matter of fact I sold my first store within the First eight months after I launched for a high six-figure amount now [I] know you’re used to getting people showing you their mercedes or their lamborghini behind you in the backdrop I I have a refrigerator! And the reason why is because you know what I’m here working on my next Store Launch With my partner J Ketisu, and one of the things that we focus on is just the hustle okay, we’re not the flash where the hustle and Sometimes you got to grind it out.

One thing that I will want to kind of elaborate on is in this video today we’re going to go over two different methods of drop shipping that’s really the focus of this and whether you enjoy my style of Teaching are not really is irrelevant. I want you to take something away from this video, and that’s that you know There’s more than one way of doing something.

All the guru’s out there right now are teaching their method of Drop Ship and swear by one method You this is the only way to go and I’m here to tell you know what there’s different ways And I want to kind of go over both ways my ways of one I’ve been doin for a Few years is Drop shipping with high-ticket items through shopify in the United States, so we don’t use Amazon we don’t use ebay, and we don’t use any other platform We drive traffic to our only website and we own those leads then we market to them Different products and niches in different segments, that’s very narrow and specific Once we do that.

We go out and find the suppliers, build at our eCommerce website And we start driving traffic. The moment of customers giving you money for your services You turn around and you pay back your supplier of minus your your discounted price And that’s in a nutshell in my form of dropship now What is it done for me, but let me tell you what it’s done for you Basically what it allowed me to do is have obviously a better quality of life? But more important they given me the lessons in the experience to start several-figures skills, so another method of dropship And I wanted to introduce you [to] is going to be talked about by my business partner J So J, you have a couple seconds here to talk to us. Yeah, man totally Hey guys I’m J Ketisu. Like my friend AJ was saying I drop ship in a different method So the way, I do things is I sell to my customers based upon what I call emotion and passion Passion is a very strong word, right? So when we’re selling on passion or selling to customers that can relate [to] these products? So they’re actually low ticket item unlike the high ticket items that AJ sells, so with low ticket items we can create basically what I call a buying frenzy on social media Facebook for instance I don’t know if you’ve ever been on a your newsfeed and just going through it, and then all of a sudden you see a Product that just seems to scream out at you.

This is what I call passion based products. That’s what I taken Or gone to take my store from literally zero in June of two thousand and sixteen to my first Million in sales by October which is crazy to think about but again It’s very surreal experience But I just wanted [to] let you guys know is it’s very real the very valid method and just because you have [that] social interaction going on for towards you store It just gives it that much more credibility and motions to scale up to knew heights , peace out Okay, guys so you heard from J you notice that he goes based on passion based products that are going to create a lot [of] attention a lot of excitement anticipation and he goes after the emotions of People who are pretty passionate about what it is you’re looking to buy me on the other hand It’s a little bit different I Go after high in quality products the reason why Let me tell you why you guys I think will agree with me that this makes a little bit of sense is that? When you sell high-ticket [Drop Ship] items your margins are actually pretty decent Relative to anything else in the form of retail right you’re making about thirty forty percent profit Margins, but here’s the catch here’s what I really want you to think about and why this is so valid because when you do my method of drop shipping with High-ticket items you’re not only driving traffic to your own website you’re owning those leads but when you sell one price just one product let’s say you sell a thousand dollar product you’re making about a $300 profit Margin on one product, so You don’t have to go out there and find every single potential buyer that you can Lay your hands on first your ad spending might be a little bit high You’re you’re you’re going to drive yourself nuts And a lot of people use this shotgun approach to you to drive in traffic that we don’t believe in well So I teach a way where [you] focus on a very specific niche.

I mean just where we’re at right now Jay I’m looking at different ideas of like, Furniture such as, Desks, vanities Chandeliers lamps, ceiling fans strobe lights Accessories, rugs all Costing probably hundreds and hundreds of dollars maybe even in the thousand I guarantee you the chair I’m sitting on right now it’s cost us a couple thousand dollars and no, it’s not my chair, so Two ways to dropship but no I just know that there’s different options out there guys Whatever, you’re learning whatever You’re trying to get excited about as far as making this year the year you turn your life around Know that there’s options for you And I hope that you kind of take it and soak in the information we’ve given you today about our Methods of drop shipping and just to open kind of like the doors for you to see what’s available I? Really appreciate you guys watching this but I think that For me to just end it without kind of given some sort of information of where you can learn more about us It would be would do and injustice to this video so you can go to [seven-figure] skills com or click on the link [below] and download our list of 187 product selection ideas Jay, and I compiled this list based on years of experience from coaching interacting with and and and networking with hundreds and even Thousands of members across the country across the world as a matter of fact and we know these lists of niches work They’re relevant today, and they will be useful to you.

So get your feet wet start downloading this right now Go get some ideas and start your journey and that downloadable list of Product selection ideas that I’m going to give you there’s going to be some more information On how to go things how to take things to the next step okay, so look forward to seeing you guys soon I hope you learn something. Thank you so much now. Go out there and hustle.

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