Find Items to Sell with Google Trends

Today we’re looking at Google Trends and how we can find items to sell. So here we are looking at Google Trends. The way to find it is just go on google and search Google Trends, and you’ll find the website. This is a really cool website, especially for us online sellers, because here we can find out what are the recent trends and just get a feel for the marker we’re working in. And here I’ll demonstrate how we can use this to pick up on some interesting things. So, as an example, as a control item here I’m searching for “Fidget Spinner”. I just know this was a hot item recently, and it has been going down. And google actually confirms this. We can see a sharp rise. It was never popular, this is a new thing.

Going back 5 years here. This is a new item. The peak of interest happened to be around the 2nd and 3rd week of May. But since then it’s been going down. In another video we found the same results on MarkSight. But it’s good that we can confirm the same thing on Google. This means we’re on the right track of our research. Let’s find out interesting things about other items, like “Aviator Sunglasses”.

Why not? Let’s see. We can see that this is a highly seasonal item, first of all. The peaks are happening in late spring and summer. Every time. We can see that, late spring and summer. And of course, in the winter time, nobody wants these glasses. If we are going to get into this business, it would be actually right now. We can see that this is peaking at 100% interest, this week or these days.

And I expect what will happen is, just like in the previous years, interest will peak, it will stay stable for a couple of months, and then it will fall off. But then, the following year should repeat. Because that’s simply what it has done last years here. Last year… Year before that… Year before that… Actually, one additional interesting thing here is that, there’s more interest in these sunglasses now than there was last year. Curious… We’ve learned that this is a season item, and also when to sell it. Summer and late spring is the time. Let’s see what else we can find out. Let’s search for something totally unrelated, just as an experiment. Let’s search for “YouTube Marketing” for example. One thing that I notice is that it’s slowly but surely, ever so slowly, it’s sloping upwards. So 5 years ago the interest was at 50%. But slowly it’s going up.

One additional this is every year, right around Christmas time, interest just drops off dramatically. Causing this downward peak here. And this basically tells me, if I had to guess, simply everyone is on vacation for Christmas. And no one is doing much YouTube marketing at this time. Interesting, right? Google is telling us that, of course they don’t research every single keyword that I’m going to search here. But, through their algorithms, they are able to pick up that this particular term – it does have one predictable thing happening every year.

And that is, Christmas, interest falls off! But then it quickly grows back up, and continues upwards. How about an item? What about “Coffee Mugs”? Wow! Look at that! Nobody ever buys coffee mugs in the summer. If you’re going to get into this business, be warned you shouldn’t sell this stuff int he summer. And when is the time to sell this? It seems like you should stock up and start selling this at the end of October. Starting in November you can always expect a huge shoot up in demand. Or at least in interest.

I mean, this is obvious of course. But now we have scientific proof that this is happening. And it’s peaking at, just before Christmas. And then it falls off again. Maybe for the holidays, everyone is getting a little coffee mug as a present. Maybe with a picture or whatever. To give to a loved one, or to a friend. And that’s the coffee mug business right there.

Huge, huge rise in November. Let’s search for something else. How about “Sports Bottle”? So the opposite of a “Coffee Mug”, right? Now isn’t that interesting? No seasonality here whatsoever, that I can see. There are some peaks downward here… November, 1st week. November, 1st week. Also, 1st week of November. You can always expect demand to go down. But otherwise, these “Sports Bottles” stay roughly the same all year round. Very cool! As opposed to a coffee shop.

This means a coffee shop can only sell coffee mugs in December or November. And a sports shop can sell sports bottles literally all year round, no problem. That’s why should always do this kind of research, because you never know what you’ll find. I was expecting the “sports bottle”, to be popular in the summer months. But this is not the case. As you can see right here. Interest is roughly the same all year round. Now, let’s see how we can unite this kind of research with MarkSight. Let’s search for “Shirt”. Basic, generic item. Let’s say I wanted to get into the “Shirt” business. Let’s see what we have. First of all, we see that interest right now is higher than the previous 5 years. So maybe this is a lucrative area for some of you out there. It is also a little bit seasonal. Just like with the “Coffee Mugs”, lots of people get shirts for Christmas. After Christmas, sharp downturn, and then it goes back up, and this repeats every year.

The lowest point of sales or interest happens around the 1st week of January. Again, a lot of people are on holidays, so I guess no one is buying shirts. Quite obvious, so it’s good that we see this. I like that shirts right now are booming, or it seems to be a huge boom. As opposed to just comparing the last 5 years. This is going back to 2012. Please remember that this is a comparative chart. The peak you see now, it’s comparable to all the previous peaks. And this peak is higher. The highest it’s ever been is 84%, and now we’re at 100%. Not sure about percentage-wise, but I guess we’re probably 20-25% higher interest than ever in the last 5 years right now, for “Shirts”. Let’s say I wanted to take this further, and I wanted to find out, what kind of “Shirt” I want to sell what size, and so on. Where do I want to sell it? Google Trends offers some additional hints. We can see interest by region. Philippines, where a lot of shirts are produced. But the next one is the US.

After that is the UK. Roughly the same, 87% – 84%. So if you’re going to sell “Shirts”, do this in the US and the UK. Then followed by Netherlands. Singapore is I guess a producer, and Australia is a consumer. You can pick up interest by region. And also some related topics and queries, but this is useless for us here. Where MarkSight comes in is, with research going back 2 months. This is for Gold Subscriptions. It costs only $6 – $7 per month, so quite worth the money. Let’s search for “Shirts” going back 2 months, in the “Clothing, Shoes & Accessories” section. See what sells. First of all, we see a Sell-Through of 16%. I guess for “Shirts” this is acceptable. This is expected.

I wouldn’t expect that every “Shirt” out there sells. That would be strange, actually. But 16% is fair enough. And we can pick up on, what “Shirts” actually sell. So in the $18 range: we have “Blue” “XL” “XL” is I guess the most popular size, even I wear “XL” shirts. “Mens” and “Polo” Any other things we can pick up? “Burberry” Again, “XL” “Mens” Then, in the $100 range, we have “Vintage” and very special items. But, still interesting to see this. “White” “Gucci” So a Gucci shirt is being sold for $140. And so on… We can use MarSight to hone down to which KIND of product we want to sell. Let’s take a look at Top-Selling items. What sells there? I looked at this in advance, I was looking at the list. You can do this also, once you register and subscribe. One thing I found interesting here was this “Ping” golf shirt. I was like, what is “Ping”? If we look at the items, “Ping” turned out to be the brand. I didn’t know there was a “Ping” brand out there, but now I do.

“Ping” shirts – quite popular! Top-Sellers. Being sold right now by one person for $17, getting bids per auction on average. So that’s quite nice! I hope this helps you. Again, You can use Google Trends to pick up on basic trends and seasonality and then you can use MarkSight to hone down on your area or specific item you want to sell. Thanks for watching!.

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