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Good morning good afternoon good evening this is andy from wholesale dash help calm back with another episode of readers questions readers questions today’s question comes from John Jimmy right here on the YouTube channel so John saying hey I love your videos I have a question for you would you be willing to make a video on what not to do when drop shipping or what to look out for or easy mistakes that shouldn’t be made yes I’ll do that for you right now John I will talk about what not to do but I think it’s more important what to do and definitely what to look out for and also we’re going to cover some of the mistakes shouldn’t be made but let’s be positive here and let’s talk about all the all the things we definitely should be doing because let’s face it there are infinite things that you shouldn’t be doing you shouldn’t be looking up drop shipping supplies while standing in a bucket of water during a lightning storm for example that’s not a good thing to be doing you shouldn’t be trying to make a cup of tea and a chocolate teapot Wiles researching dropship that’s also not good thing to do so I could go on for quite a long time about what not to do but I think let’s be more specific baggage on and get into some positive ideas about what we definitely should be doing with drop shipping so let’s get cracking okay what not to do the first point I want to make is don’t go for the low-hanging fruit in other words don’t go for the first site you find because it’s not difficult to Google drop shipping or drop shippers and come up with some results if you can find a website at the front of Google so we’ll forty thousand other people also looking to get into drop shipping so there’s a very good chance your competition is going to be massive for all those products on those sort of sites competitions your main problem with drop shipping because it’s a lot easier way to get into trading online and making money online there are a lot of people that look to get into it a lot of people that want to try and make money this way so what you need to do is avoid the simple approach don’t go for the easy option don’t go with the crowd essentially we need to look a bit further off the beaten track for some drop shippers we may be able to make use of ultimately you don’t want to find a product you like the look of get onto eBay and find there are fifty two separate sellers selling exactly the same item as you they will be competing against each other driving down the price and there’ll always be someone who’s prepared to sell something for a 45 pence profit so what you end up doing is a lot of work for not very much money and that’s not a really good technique to to employ the now John I want to talk about what we should be doing so starting at the beginning always a good place to start I find research there is a website called goof-beard I have featured it in previous videos i’m not going to go into too much detail here you can search on my youtube channel for more information about goof bid essentially it’s a very handy free resource for ebay sellers you can use a whole host of different tools to research look up find bargains and all sorts of really clever things so the first thing you want to do is use the tools goof bid has to offer to research your market okay if you’ve got a rough idea about the things you want to sell and get onto ebay and and search for them find the supplies that are selling a lot of them the ones with a massive feedback and and the massive stores those selling loads of stuff every day take the ebay username it into the competitive research tool on goof Bay you can find out all about them you can find out what the top selling products are how much make they’re making every month so you can you can really hone in on exactly what the best items they’re selling are you can also click on the check box for all completed listings on ebay so once you’ve done your search for that item on the left hand side you can refine it for things like new used prices low as to highs that sort of stuff they’ll also be an option there for completed listings you click that it will show you the prices for all the items that have sold recently all the prices in green are the ones that have sold the ones in red are the ones that have finished unsold so you can get a really good idea of how much these items are going for so you want to find the items that are selling strongly you want to as much information about those items which colors which sizes which shapes which brands are the ones that are selling most you want to find out what prices they’re selling for then you can take this information and make an educated decision on what you’re going to sell based on fact rather than a decision plucked out of thin air which is something that happens with a lot of people getting into ebay for the first time find your market first find what people are looking for first then go out and find the product much better way round of doing it it means when you start your business it will be on a much firmer footing and there’s a much better chance you’re going to make a success of your business okay let’s talk a little bit about product selection so once you’ve got a few ideas of the sort of products that you think will sell well they will be your keywords so you want to crack open Google and start with a simple search put that keyword in plus the word drop shipping as before if it looks like a glossy drop shipping website it makes it really easy for you to add to sign up and start drop shipping then the chances are millions of other people will also be doing that so beware of those sort of sites you can also put your product key word in followed by supplier or wholesale and actually find a wholesaler of that product why not get in touch with that supplier and say if I pay for this product will you send it directly to my customer and send me the paperwork basically you’re up you’re asking for a drop shipping arrangement you can only ask and you’ll either get a yes or you’ll get a no so it’s very worthwhile asking because what you’ll actually find is if you if they say yes you’ll have your own exclusive drop shipping arrangement you’ll have no other drop shipping competitors in that market you’ll only could be competing with people selling wholesale which means you’re on a level playing field which makes a big difference so that’s well worth doing you’ll probably get more nose than yeses but that one yes could make your whole business so it’s well worth finding a supplier and asking the question to tempt the supplier even more you you can suggest you pay up front I’ll buy 50 units of this from you as long as you keep hold of it and as I sell them i’ll give you the customer names and you can ship it for me that might just be enough to sweeten the deal a lot of high-volume wholesalers won’t be interested in the slightest they sell pallet loads of stock they sell container loads of stock they are essentially all about volume and they have no interest in selling individual items but some smaller wholesalers or smaller suppliers that offer wholesale deals they may be prepared to break in this sort of way so as I said you can only ask and they can only say no all right what’s next choose wisely this part of the process is well worth taking your time on because essentially this supplier is going to have your reputation in their hands if you find a dropshipper that isn’t reliable it’s your reputation on ebay that’s going to suffer you could cause yourself some real problems by choosing the wrong supplier so take a bit of time at this point it’s easy to get excited and want to rush on and start listing some things and making some money after all that’s the fun part but you’re just wasting your time if you jump on board with the wrong supplier to take a bit more time find the right supplier for you and your niche and it will pay off tenfold in the future ask your supplier about returns if my customer doesn’t want this how we going to go about getting it back to you if they’re already a dropship but they’ll have a process for this but you need to know exactly how it works you don’t want to get stuck with paying for something that gets lost because once again you’re going to be the one that’s missing out not the drop shipper figuring these sorts of things out now will save you a lot of time and hassle in the future and lastly create compelling listings the amount of times I still see sellers who are supposedly selling for profit and not selling their own things around the home created a listing with three lines of plain text and nothing else seriously people here if you’re going to try and create a business that makes you money spend a bit of time I mean this should be obvious you want to try and make your listing look attractive if you want people to stop at your listing and read it properly and make a decision about buying from you and not the other guy so if you’ve got three lines of text you’re not saying much about yourself apart from I couldn’t be bothered to spend any more time on this even if you can’t afford to buy a really flashy looking listing template that’s okay it doesn’t take much to make a nice title at the top of the page to format the text nicely maybe an embedded image in your listing just take your time to format the listing nicely make it look professional make it look neat and tidy make them want to stay and read more about your item as always take a good picture if you’re not happy with the stock picture you get from the supplier order one and take the picture yourself or even professional photographers that you can send your item to that will take a really nice professional picture of your item I’ve definitely seen a few of them on Fiverr so for five dollars you can ship your product to that person I’ll take some really nice well-lit professional product photos for you and email you the results this is well worth investing a small amount of money to create great pictures because they make a big difference in selling your product and of course you’ll have an edge over your competition because you’ll have something they won’t you won’t have identical images to them and these are the things that make all the difference so it says that he use related keywords it should stand to reason people if you want to sell something on eBay people are going to search using the search box so you need to put all the relevant keywords in that title don’t put keywords that aren’t related to the item because that’s not allowed an ebay will take your listing down but make sure you are as descriptive as possible in that title because that’s how people are going to find your listing this also applies if you’re selling wholesale products on ebay as well as drop shipping okay John I think that’s all the bases covered don’t forget spend a bit of time researching it make sure you choose the right product choose the right supplier and create good looking listings if you found this video useful appreciate if you hit the thumbs up button for me and like the video it would also be very cool if you hit the share tab and tweeted this or Facebook tip if you haven’t got yourself a wholesale help membership I’m still offering free access to the whole to help members club you can click up here on the top left and that will take you through to the signup form if you haven’t subscribed to the wholesale help YouTube channel you can do that by clicking in the top right hand corner right about here so that’s it for today’s video I hope this has been useful to you John and is giving you a bit more information about what you need to do as usual people thank you very much for watching my name’s Andy Lawrence and I will catch you on the very next video

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